Fertility Counseling

Fertility treatment is often an extremely stressful experience.  Clients can experience levels of distress similar to that of patients undergoing treatment for cancer.  In addition to extensive experience in general clinical therapy, our therapists offer specialized knowledge of mental health and reproductive medicine.  Our therapists’ specialized training in the medical, psychological, and interpersonal aspects of infertility, reproductive medicine, pregnancy, and pregnancy loss ensures that our therapists combine compassion with state-of-the-art knowledge to best partner with you during your journey.  Whether you choose a therapist through Spiro, or elsewhere, it is important to be sure that your therapist has the appropriate background, training, and experience to treat you.  

Individual Counseling

  • Mind/Body Treatment – Our therapists are trained in cognitive-behavioral strategies to help minimize distress during treatment.  While the evidence as to whether mind/body techniques increase pregnancy rates is mixed, these techniques have been shown to improve the quality of life during treatment, decreasing anxiety, hostility, and distress.  Cognitive behavioral strategies address both the thoughts and behaviors that can increase distress, and introduce alternative ways of coping with difficult situations.
  • Preparing for Pregnancy and Healthy Living – Many of our therapists have specialized backgrounds in both clinical and health psychology, and use techniques proven to increase motivation and change health behaviors.  Some clients choose to use this period in life to make health behavior changes including improving body weight, reducing or increasing exercise intensity, changing maladaptive eating habits, reducing alcohol and caffeine, and stopping nicotine use.  Our therapists have specialized knowledge to help you choose goals conducive to health, and achieve those goals.  
  • Coping with Loss – Couples undergoing fertility treatments often experience losses ranging from the loss of a pregnancy to the loss of the dream of becoming pregnant in a particular manner.  Our therapists have knowledge of the impact of these losses and can offer support and guidance to best navigate associated grief.  
  • Decisional Support – With fertility treatments come a number of choices, both those that affect quality of life and those with life-altering potential.  While our therapists never make decisions for our clients, our knowledge of best practices in both therapy and the mental health aspects of reproductive medicine allow us to help you navigate these difficult decisions.
  • Treatment for Anxiety and Depression – Anxiety and depression can increase during fertility treatment.  All of our therapists have extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating anxiety and depression using cognitive behavioral therapy.  We also work with and recommend psychiatrists who can prescribe medication when appropriate.  
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) – Many patients choose not to take medication for insomnia during fertility treatments or pregnancy.  CBT-I is as effective as medication in reducing insomnia, but the effects of treatment last even after treatment has ended, which often is not the case for medication.  Spiro has therapists trained in CBT-I.  


“Working with Spiro has improved the way I look at the world.”

– Anonymous

Interpersonal/Couples Counseling

  • Fertility treatment can involve personal anxiety, grief, and distress, but it also has the potential to impact relationships with partners, friends, and family members.  
  • Our therapists have experience and knowledge in couples and family counseling,
  • We offer counseling to couples and families before, during, and after pregnancy 

Third Party Consultations and Evaluations

Our therapists’ specialized knowledge of reproductive medicine includes expertise in third-party reproduction.  Many clients, including intended parents, donors, surrogates, and donor-conceived children and adults may be navigating unchartered waters when beginning exploration or pursuit of third-party reproduction.  Our therapists bring experience, compassion, and the most updated clinical information to support our clients on this journey.  Evaluations often utilize formal, standardized measures and clinical interviews to identify strengths, help clients formulate questions, and probe areas of common concern as clients embark on this journey.

  • Counseling and consultation for recipients of donor sperm, egg, and embryos
  • Counseling, consultation, and evaluation for surrogacy arrangements
  • Counseling, consultation, and evaluation for known participants in third party arrangements
  • Counseling, consultation, and evaluation for egg and sperm donors

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